Comprehensive Guide to Renting a Car in Marseille

 Comprehensive Guide to Renting a Car in Marseille
The city of Marseille is a beautiful and vibrant destination for travelers from all over the world. Located in the south of France, the city is a short train ride away from other famous centers in the country such as Montpellier, Toulon, Aix-en-Provence, Nice, and Avignon. With its stunning views of the French Riviera and its wide variety of cultural attractions, theres no wonder why Marseille remains one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

If you are considering a trip to the city, one of the best ways to get around and explore is via renting a car. As Marseille is a large city that spans both the coast and its surrounding area, driving your own rental is the perfect way to make the most of the attractions and sights in the greater metropolitan area. To help provide you with a comprehensive guide to renting a car in Marseille, weve created this ultimate guide that covers everything from the best rental companies and packages to tips on driving safely within the city.

Finding the Right Rental Company

When it comes to finding the right car rental company in Marseille, there are numerous places to begin your search. To ensure you get the best deal and the car thats best for you, its important to compare and contrast different rental companies to understand what vehicles they offer and the associated fees.

Whether you are looking for a cheap car rental in Marseille or you need a vehicle with a bit more luxury, here are a few of the most popular rental companies in the city, each promising excellent service and competitive prices:

1. Avis: Avis is a great option if youre looking for a reliable and efficient rental experience in Marseille. Offering cars that range from a small economy car to a luxury sports car, you can either book online or in-person. Make sure to take advantage of their 24/7 roadside assistance service should you get into trouble during your trip.

2. Europcar: Established in Marseille in the 1930s, Europcar is one of the most well-established companies in the industry. Promising top-notch customer service, their rates are known to be some of the best in the city, making it an ideal option for budget travelers.

3. Sixt: If youre looking for luxury and style, Sixt is an excellent choice. As one of the leading car rental companies worldwide, they offer a wide selection of vehicles perfect for all types of trips, from economy models to luxury cars, and even vans for larger groups.

4. Enterprise: Enterprise is one of the most trusted and worlds largest car rental companies, offering competitive rates and a wide range of cars.

5. Hertz: Like Enterprise, Hertz has been around for decades and is one of the most reliable companies in the business. Offering both manual and automatic cars with a host of additional features, the company is known for its excellent customer service, making it a great option for those who value reliability.

Choosing the Right Package

Once youve decided which car rental company to go with, its time to choose the right package. When considering which rentals are the best value, its important to compare what features each company offers and determine how much you can save If youre looking for a more economical option, a package with additional features may be more cost-effective than a basic option.

When choosing a car rental package, determine which features are most important to you. Do you need a higher capacity vehicle or a more luxurious option? Do you need additional coverage in case of accidents or damages? Does the car have to have an automatic transmission or can you get by with a manual? The answers to these questions will help determine which package is the perfect fit for you.

Insurance Considerations

When renting a car in Marseille, its essential to get adequate insurance coverage. One thing you should keep in mind is that most car hire companies in Marseille include third-party liability insurance in their basic packages however, you should still thoroughly read through their terms and conditions to make sure you understand exactly what is covered and what is not.

If you plan on driving a lot while in Marseille, you might want to consider purchasing additional insurance coverage. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage is a popular option that helps cover the cost of repair or replacement of a rental car in the event of a collision or damaged vehicle. Personal liability insurance is another form of coverage that provides protection if you are found guilty of causing an accident.

In addition, if you require extra protection for your personal belongings, you may want to look into an insurance policy that will cover any potential losses. Keep in mind that in order to receive full coverage, you must be on the policy from the time you pick up the car until it is returned.

Tips for Driving in Marseille

Driving in Marseille is quite different from driving in other parts of France, as the city is full of narrow, winding roads and steep hills. Here are a few tips to help make sure that you are prepared and confident when navigating through the city:

1. Be mindful of speed limits: Whether youre in the city proper or driving on the highway, dont forget to keep an eye on speed limits. Its also important to note that there are frequent speed checks on the roads, so be sure to heed the posted limits.

2. Watch out for tourists: There are many tourists in Marseille, which means you have to keep an eye out for foreigners who may not know their way around or who are unfamiliar with the road rules.

3. Know the route: Before embarking on a trip, make sure you plan out your route in advance. This way you can avoid unnecessary detours, red lights, and potentially dangerous sections of road.

4. Take public transportation: If you are overwhelmed with the thought of driving in Marseille, public transportation is always an option. There is an extensive network of buses, trams, and mass transit systems in the city, so you can easily leave the car behind and still get around.


Renting a car in Marseille is a great way to experience the city and its attractions. From choosing the right rental company to figuring out the optimal insurance coverage, this comprehensive guide will ensure that your trip is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. By following the tips above, you can look forward to a stress-free trip as you explore the wonderful city of Marseille.

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