The Advantages of Using an Independent Car Rental Agency in Manchester

 The Advantages of Using an Independent Car Rental Agency in Manchester

Manchester is an economically thriving city and the centre of much tourism and business activity. With such high levels of footfall, it is little surprise that there is an abundance of car rental companies in the city. There is, however, one type of car hire in Manchester that stands out among the rest: independent car rental agencies.

The benefits of using an independent car rental agency are manifold. From good customer service, to competitive prices and flexible options, there are plenty of reasons why independent car hire can be a great option when in Manchester. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages of opting for an independent car rental agency.

1. Better Price Points

When you’re going on a trip, trying to keep costs low is oftentimes a priority. Here is where independent car rental agencies come in; typically, when compared to larger corporate chains, you can often find more competitive and cost-effective rates. Not only that, but it is also generally much easier to negotiate and haggle with owner-operated rental firms, meaning you can often get the best bang-for-your-buck!

2. Flexible Packages and Options

Typically, independent car rental firms will be better placed to offer flexible packages and options than larger corporate chains. This is because they don’t have the same glut of stock and, instead of having to plough millions of pounds into overheads and salaries, individual owners are often able to be far more nimble and responsive when it comes to offering customers competitive rates and packages.

3. Personalised Service

When you’re dealing with an independent car rental agency in Manchester, you can expect exceptional, customer-focused service. When you deal with an individual or small business, you can be sure that you – the customer – are their main priority.

Oftentimes, the level of personalised service you can expect from an independent car rental agency can be so great that it almost begins to feel like a private driver is taking you from A to B. 

4. Variety of Vehicles

When it comes to vehicle options, you are far more likely to find an array with independent car rental firms in Manchester. Typically, individual owners will be far more likely to have a more specialised selection of vehicles, including vintage cars and individuals that customers may struggle to find when using larger chains.

This means that, whether you’re looking for a high-end luxury car to make a statement, or an affordable option to take you and your family to your chosen destination, you can rest assured that independent car rental agencies in Manchester will provide you with what you need. 

5. Ltd. Availability with Corporate Chains

One of the biggest advantages that independent car rental firms present to customers is the availability aspect. Typically, when you are looking to hire a car from a larger chain, you may find that availability is limited and that the chances of car rental firms in Manchester having the exact model you’re looking for diminishes drastically.

This is obviously not great if you’re in need of a car at short notice and it can be disheartening to find that the vehicle you’re looking for has already been snapped up.

6. Last Minute Case

One of the biggest advantages of using an independent car rental agency is that you can often get access to cars at short notice. Typically, smaller firms are far better placed to you help you out. That’s because they operate much more flexibly, meaning they don’t have to comply with the same rigid hiring rules like larger corporations.


We hope that this article has provided you with some helpful information when it comes to deciding whether or not an independent car rental in Manchester is the right option for you when it comes to car hire. From cost-effective rates to exceptional customer service, independent car rental agencies can provide an outstanding service and should be seriously considered next time you are looking to hire a car!

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