Save on Car Rental in Formentera with these Simple Tips

 Save on Car Rental in Formentera With These Simple Tips
Formentera, often dubbed thelittle sister island to Ibiza, is a small, hidden gem on the Balearic Islands. A paradise of lush greenery, hidden coves and crystal clear waters, Formentera is the perfect getaway for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. However, getting around the island can be expensive, unless you know the best tips for saving money on car rental in Formentera.

Have you ever wanted to explore the white-sand beaches of Playa de Migjorn, the sleepy hamlets of Sant Ferran de ses Roques or the towns of Es Calo and Sant Francesc de Formentera? Perhaps youve dreamed of visiting the turquoise bays of La Mola, the La Savina harbour or the bars and restaurants of the charming city of La Savina. With car rental in Formentera, you can make these dreams a reality.

Nevertheless, tourists and locals alike can find their car rentals to be an expensive affair. While understandably intimidating, it doesnt have to be. The experts at Rideways will tell you that car rental in Formentera can be done in an affordable way, without compromising on quality or comfort. All you need to know are a few simple tips! Read on to discover how you can get the best value from a car rental in Formentera and make the most of your holiday.

1. Book ahead

When it comes to car rental in Formentera, booking ahead is essential for getting the best deals. If you book your vehicle unsighted and last minute, you will end up paying more than someone who has pre-booked their vehicle. In some cases, you may even miss out on the vehicle you want.

Booking ahead will also help you to get the exact type and size of vehicle you need. If you book last minute, you may not get the precise car you need. When booking a car rental in Formentera, make sure you provide accurate details and check in advance that the right vehicle is available.

2. Take advantage of discounts

Car rentals in Formentera offer various discounts and promotions depending on the season. For example, in the summer months you can expect to see discounts available for renting multiple days, as well as early bird discounts or discounts for returning the same vehicle.

You can also find discounts if you are a member of a loyalty program, such as a frequent flyer program, or if you use a particular credit card. Alternatively, you may be able to get 10 to 20 percent off if you book your car for a week or more.

3. Avoid the airport

You may be tempted to book your car rental from the airport, but you should be aware that this is often the most expensive, especially during peak season when airports hike up their rates. Instead, look online for good deals with local suppliers or search nearby towns, where you are likely to find greatly reduced rates.

In addition, you can avoid additional costs by ensuring the car rental company is aware of your chosen drop-off points. Some rental suppliers may charge extra for returning the vehicle to any spot outside of the airport, so make sure your drop-off point is clearly communicated.

4. Check for features

Before signing up for a car rental, double check that the vehicle of your choice has a current safety certificate and that it has all the features that you require. If you dont check, you could end up paying a few extra dollars for a vehicle that has extra features you dont need.

5. Add an extra driver

If more than one of you will be behind the wheel, consider adding an extra driver to your contract when you book your car. Many car rental companies will offer a discount if you add someone to your contract. More drivers will mean fewer long stints behind the wheel and a less expensive bill!

6. Consider the petrol option

When you book with a car rental company in Formentera, they will offer you two petrol options: full-to-full or pre-purchase. With the full-to-full option, you will get a full tank of petrol and you will need to return the vehicle full. The pre-purchase option involves you paying ahead of time for a full tank of petrol. The pre-purchase can work out cheaper, so consider choosing this option if youre looking to save money.

7. Refuel near the rental company

Refuelling near the car rental company can be a more cost-effective option than refuelling elsewhere on the island. As some car rental companies are affiliated with petrol stations, you could even get discounts for refuelling the car there.

Make the Most of Car Rental in Formentera

Whether youre a local or a tourist, hiring a car in Formentera should be a stress-free experience. If you follow the above tips, you can make sure you get the best value and make the most of your car rental in Formentera. Keep these tips in mind and you can explore the Balearic Island in style, without breaking the bank. Bon voyage!

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