Planning Your Airport Car Rental in Malaga

Planning Your Airport Car Rental in Malaga As the Costa del Sol stretches out below you from the landing strip, you just know that your vacation in sunny Malaga is going to be the perfect escape. But before you can even think about heading for the beach, there is the important task of getting around once you land. Enter the world of airport car rentals, the convenient way to explore Malaga and the surrounding region in style and ease. Read on to learn how to plan your airport car rental in Malaga so you can hit the beach running. Earmarking the Necessary Time First things first, you will need to plan ahead and book your Malaga airport rental car book in advance, especially during the peak holiday season when rental cars tend to be in high demand. Secondly, when you land at Malaga Airport, make sure you allow plenty of time before you pick up your rental car. During the busy periods, you might need to factor in up to an hour for a shuttle to the car hire company and for the paperwork to be sorted out as well. Selection of Airport Car Rental Agencies Malaga airport is served by a multitude of car rental agencies, from the well-known international outfits to reliable local companies. Most of the prominent brands, including Hertz and Avis, have outposts at the airport and offer extensive fleets of vehicles that are typically of good quality and well maintained. Local outlets such as Europcar and Centauro will consequently often provide the best rates. Understanding Car Hire Policies It pays to understand the policies of the particular car hire company you choose. For instance, many companies will insist that the main hirer is either the driver or a passenger in the vehicle and they may refuse to let a third party drive the car. Make sure you also read all the terms and conditions carefully and understand what the termsextra fees andsurcharges really mean. Check if car hire comes with breakdown cover and what the companys policies are on additional drivers and replacing tyres, windscreen or other parts. Checking the Vehicle before You Drive Once your contract is completed and all the paperwork passed, it is essential to inspect the rental car thoroughly before you drive away from the rental outlet. Pay special attention to the condition of the tyres, including the spare wheel, then check for any damage to the exterior and interior of the car as well. Returning Your Car Rental Car rental firms have little tolerance for customers returning cars late, so make doubly sure you have left yourself enough time before you reach the airport. Also bear in mind that if you have staff help you to the car hire return area, the staff may not be allowed past the airports security point and that could cost you, as you will have to return the vehicle yourself. As long as you plan ahead, prebook your Malaga airport rental car, check the rental policies before you pick up the car and take due care with inspecting the vehicle, your airport car rental in Malaga should go off without a hitch and provide you with the perfect way to maximize the full potential of your stay in the sunny Costa del Sol.


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