Exploring Fuerteventura on a Rental Car


Exploring Fuerteventura on a Rental Car

Fuerteventura is the perfect destination for people looking for an escape to the sun and sand. With its impressive mix of stunning beaches, unparalleled nature and rich local culture, the island is full of adventure possibilities that can only be explored to the fullest with a rental car.

Whether you’re an adventurous traveler, an avid traveler, or simply want to explore the diverse landscape of Fuerteventura, getting a rental car can open many potential opportunities not only to reach attractions, but also to discover hidden gems and venture beyond the tourist trail.

From the reliable car hire services offered by the major airports to the locally owned companies that provide more competitive prices, you can find a rental car to fit your budget, your time and your style. With some of the brightest skies in Europe and low population density, the roads of Fuerteventura are friendlier than ever and are fit for any experience.

Once you get your rental car in Fuerteventura, the options for exploration are limitless. The island’s north shore provides numerous opportunities to spot marine life, its east coast is home to picturesque fishing villages, and its south offers stunning unspoiled views of the Atlantic Ocean. But Fuerteventura’s attractions don’t stop there; the island is full of culture, adventure and even history.

You can start your exploration at El Cotillo, a charming fishing village on the northern shore. There, you can take a stroll by the waterfront, visit a lighthouse, or embark on a boat tour. Get back to your rental car and take a drive to Corralejo, a lively beach town in the northern part of the island. Here you can find a variety of restaurants and bars, while also taking time to appreciate Corralejo’s spectacular sand dunes.

Before heading to Corralejo, make sure to stop off in Betancuria for a visit of its informative and impressive Museo de las Islas Canarias, where you can explore the charm of Fuerteventura’s Canary Island roots.

Drive further south from the island’s capital, Puerto del Rosario, to discover the windmills at Tindaya. Reaching 400 meters above sea level, this site offers sweeping views of the island’s volcanic landscape and distant islands.

Another great area to explore with your rental car is the southern part of the island, where numerous beaches with yellow sand, exotic wildlife and more trees than anywhere else can be found. Drive to the small town of Cofete, situated at an isolated spot among the sand dunes to explore the ancient path of La Pared and the ruined dwellings of Jandia.

You can even make the most of your rental car and head out to Lobos, an island located just off the north coast of Fuerteventura. Just rent a boat and have a 20-minute ride on the sea, until you're able to appreciate the beauty of this unique destination.

The possibilities of exploring Fuerteventura with a rental car are endless, allowing you take full advantage of all the island has to offer. Planning a trip to this fascinating destination is easy with the help of a reliable car hire service, and you can discover the unknowns of this wonderful island with safety and comfort. 

Your car will help you truly experience the many charms of Fuerteventura, without even having to worry about getting lost. From stunning beaches, to sights and activities to keep you entertained for days, a rental car is the most empowering way to explore this wonderful island.

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